“Please help me understand concerning a vaccine…”

I get occasional questions from pastors both here in the US as well as from around the world on various topics. I felt I would share a modified portion of my response to the most recent question with personal data (name and country) deleted to keep it anonymous: Regarding the vaccine, there are definitely polarizing opinions. Those in favor of it feel this can stem the tide and bring this pandemic under control. Meanwhile, there are some who want it, but they hate that it has been developed under President Trump and therefore foolishly question its integrity. They are so blinded by hate for Trump that they do not think rationally and oppose anything from which he could get the credit.

In the opposing view, there are varied reasons why people do not want a vaccine: First, Why do we need a vaccine for something that has affected such a small percentage of the population where deaths and infections are still less than the seasonal flu? The amount of Covid cases pale in comparison to other sicknesses, but for some reason they have forced the world to believe this is far worse and have fanned flames of fear. To date, the total deaths in the US is still less than .09 percent!! Why do we shut the world down for something that has affected so few people!? I read that there have been approximately 2,400 cases of Covid in your country and less than 80 deaths (1,800+ have recovered – so it is a virus that is recovered from in a vast majority of cases!) With over 7.6 million people in your country, that means only .032% of people have been infected, .0009% of your population have died from it, and 76% of the people who got it have recovered! In reality, this virus is nothing at all to be feared when compared to other diseases that have been far more lethal, and the economies of the world including businesses and churches weren’t shut down for these other things. Secondly, Numerous conspiracy theories have been pushed regarding the vaccine. Some have likened it unto the mark of the beast and are fearful to take the shot. It is believed that a microchip could be implanted in us with this shot (I don’t believe this vaccine to be the mark of the beast!). It is believed by many that the powerfully rich people behind it all are in favor of thinning the population and fear that the shot will only further kill more people, or that it will genetically modify the chemistry of our bodies to make us more susceptible to other sickness and disease. (All vaccines and medicines have dreaded potential side effects!)

As Christians, we believe that God is in absolute control. We also know that we wrestle not against flesh and blood. We can clearly identify wickedness in high places, and these are the last days. Through it all, God will give us grace to endure these difficult and troubled times. We also know that He is coming soon!! Let us keep looking up, for our redemption draweth nigh. Even so, come, Lord Jesus! Amen.