“Man of God, What is your take about celebration of Christmas?”

Another question I received recently is in regard to varying opinions among believers concerning Christmas. Following is a look at my response:

The coming of the Son of God into the world in the Incarnation, God becoming flesh, is THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD! Many have used the date of December 25th as a contention because:

  1. It was winter and the shepherds would not have kept their flocks out in the cold during that time.
  2. It was the supposed holiday of a false god.

Much of their concluded opinions are based on the study of some authors connecting many teachings and traditions to the Roman Catholic Church. While I support them in their effort to stand against the false teachings of the RCC, in all fairness, some things are taken too far and connect everything negatively. In other words, we cannot be so shallow as to shape all of our convictions around things supposedly believed by a church or group of people with whom we disagree. For example, some churches even say that the doctrine of the Trinity is a Roman Catholic doctrine and therefore deny that essential doctrine of our faith! My point is clear – We do not change our doctrine simply because the RCC also teaches the same thing.

Here is what I believe:

  1. It is very likely that Jesus was not born on December 25th (although there has been scholarly evidence offered that He could have been). But if we do not celebrate His birth then, when shall we celebrate it? Many who do not celebrate Christmas do not celebrate the birth of Christ at all, and His coming into the world is THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD! Consider the following Bible facts: The Holy Spirit goes to great lengths to verify the lineage of Messiah in two Gospels. It was announced by angels, God placed a special star in the sky to direct the wisemen, and those wise men travelled at great expense for 2-3 years to find the new King! There are numerous other truths we could mention in the narrative surrounding the birth of Jesus. Are we to just ignore that part of the Bible?
  2. If December 25th is not His birthday but the recognition of some false deity, what is that god’s name? No one probably knows it. And yet whenever Christmas rolls around on the calendar, all the world pauses to acknowledge a Christian holiday! Sure, many try to trivialize it and turn it into something else, but the overwhelming sentiment and understanding is that it is about God sending His Son into the world. It sounds like God can surely be glorified in that!
  3. They may ask, “Why do we exchange gifts with each other when it is not our birthday?” My answer is that since He is not here, we buy and give to one another in honor of Him. (The tradition of exchanging gifts is not exclusive to Christmas.) Further, Jesus said, what we do to one another, we have done it unto Him! (Mat. 25:40). Sure, much has been materialized, but when the world stops to celebrate and buy gifts recognizing the greatest gift ever given, then God can be glorified in it.
  4. There is so much more that can be said, but Apostle Paul said that we are to let no man judge us in respect to meat or drink or holy days or new moons. (Col. 2:16).

Our family celebrates Jesus and the greatest gift ever given to the world on Christmas (John 3:16). We put up a Christmas tree, hang special lights, display manger scenes, hang wreaths and decorations and exchange gifts all in celebration of Jesus Christ coming in the flesh to pay the ultimate price for the salvation of sinners who could not save themselves! Thanks be unto God for His unspeakable Gift; the gift of Jesus Christ for the salvation of all who will believe! Wise men (and women) still seek Him. Merry Christmas!